Summer 2017

Summer 2017

Issue 3
144 Pages
25 Articles

About the Issue

Featuring –¬† History & Reconciliation: – David Puttnam on Michael Collins & Jean-Marc Binot on Oradour / Ann Walsh on Thomas Merton / Marc O’Sullivan on Samuel Beckett & Jack B. Yeats / Essays on George Boole / Robert Mallet / Brian Lalor on Robert Gibbings / Articles on Spike Milligan / James Dwyer with his column on Science Fiction / Christian White on Shakespeare / etc.

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Issue 3 includes a blend or articles on interesting publications from the past. A special chapter on the inaugural West Cork History Festival with corresponding articles on the importance of History¬† & Reconciliation. You can look forward to Christian White’s wonderful column on Shakespeare, Stan Carey’s column on ‘Our Living Language’and new columnist Fin Keegan with his recurring chapter on ‘The Reading Life’. The refreshing article on Thomas Merton by Ann Walsh is a highlight of issue number three.

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