Winter 2016

Winter 2016

Issue 1
146 Pages
26 Articles

About the Issue

Featuring: Essays and Reviews on Jorge Luis Borges, World Poetry, Science and Science Fiction, the Creator of Tarzan, Columns on Shakespeare and Language, Stories of Booksellers,
Publishers, a 1920’s Bootlegger, the Irish Mind behind the co-operative Movement, Chester Beatty’s Internet and more.

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This inaugural Magazine includes the following articles:


Editorial: The Silence of an Image  – We are pulling the sword from the stone, to use it as a pen, and we invite you all to join us on a critical journey


Music is Word: On the Gestures of Music

Jesenko Tešan touches on Theodor W. Adorno’s Philosophy of Music and takes us on a trip to his home town of Belgrade

Poetry in Ireland

Desmond O’Grady: A Full Life

Poet and writer Matthew Geden looks at Desmond O’Grady’s life and reintroduces him to us in our recurring feature essay: Poets in Analysis

Poetry in Review

Rainer Maria Rilke: Letters to a Young Poet (1950)

A new look at, and evaluation of, the correspondence between Rilke and Franz Xaver Kappus, by John Tangney

Poetry in Review

Aforesaid by Robert Frost (1954)

In her review of Aforesaid, Niamh Prior takes us on a journey through forty years of Frost’s poetry in 66 poems

New Poems by Eugenio Montale (1976)

Matthew Geden explores the Italian poet and Nobel laureate Eugenio Montale’s collection of poetry

Poetry and Murder in the Jacobean Court: Sir Thomas Overbury’s ‘Wife’ (1631)

Some books come with a spectacular history. Ann Walsh examines this rare publication, including some detail of its provenance


Irish Philosopher William Thompson

A brief biographical account by Alfie O’Mahony

Idea and Impact

Idea:  On the Sharing of Wealth

Holger Smyth considers the west Cork philosopher William Thompson and his influence on socialist thought

Impact Using Business in Maasai-Land to Drive Change

William Thompson’s way of cooperative thinking, applied to the business initiative of a family man in Africa. An inspirational essay by Nelson Ole Reiyia

Libraries in Times of War

The Most Dangerous Library

Nicola Smyth takes us on a sad journey to a secret library in war-rattled Syria

A Lost Kind of Education

What does it mean to be young and motivated to ask hard questions about education?

Madlyn Smyth has some answers and shares her views

Shakespeare in My Life – Column

‘I Can’t Help It, I’m an Addict’

Fellow book dealer and Shakespeare specialist Christian White will entertain us for the coming year with his recurring column on ‘The Soul of the Age’

Forgotten Scholars

Johannes Scottus Eriugena (c. 810–877)

An extensive essay by Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin leads us back to one of the early mediaeval Christian philosophers who is now nearly forgotten

Bookshop & Community

Community at the Heart of a Bookstore

A regular feature in The Time Traveller will be our focus on the importance of independent bookshops in smaller communities.

Eddy Nix starts by telling us about his Driftless Bookshop in the heart of Wisconsin

Introducing: Specialist Book Dealers

We will regularly introduce some excellent colleagues from the antiquarian book trade and give them a chance to offer their services, expertise, and of course unusual publications – some of which will be exclusively for sale in The Time Traveller for a limited time. Antiquarian book dealer and publisher Klaus Breinlich from Frankfurt, Germany, a specialist in his field for nearly 30 years, describes a rare set of the Statutes and offers a special selection from his stock of books on law, history, economics, and much more

The Past is Now: Travels in Borges’s Uqbar

John Wronoski is one of the world’s most influential book dealers. For over 30 years he has educated and influenced the whole trade with his views on the value and importance of manuscripts and association copies, their provenance, and his passion for rare books in general. Many years ago he secured the private library of Jorge Luis Borges, and his landmark catalogue on Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese literature will be unrivalled for years to come. Please see here his essay on Borges’s Uqbar, and brace yourself for some of the original manuscripts he has for sale.


Frans Molenaar

A life in fashion – books as inspiration. In his brief biographical essay, Marc O’Sullivan walks us through the Frans Molenaar collection we have for sale.

Masterpieces of World Literature and their Hidden Stories

Robinson Crusoe in Kinsale

Daniel Defoe’s account of Alexander Selkirk. A first edition of Robinson Crusoe, and the story of the book’s journey

Important Journals and Magazines

Studio Talk: Chester Beattie’s Internet

The Studio and its Endless Source of Aesthetics

In a regular feature, we will revisit this important art nouveau / arts and crafts periodical and enjoy travelling back in time through some of the most beautiful artwork and essays it provided at the turn of the twentieth century

Two Worlds Monthly

Samuel Roth – His piracy attempt on Ulysses, and the Consequences                

Printing and the Mind of Man

The Impact of Print on Five Centuries of Western Civilization

John Carter / Percy H. Muir and the Importance of Bibliography

Science Fiction

James Dwyer takes us on a Journey to Venus

with Edgar Rice Burroughs

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