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Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin

Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin is a lawyer and a freelance writer. His articles, reviews and features on literature, philosophy and the law have appeared in a variety of publications, in print and on-line. A native of west Cork, he lives and works in London.

Ann Walsh

Ann Walsh is an independent scholar from Cork.  She has a PhD on the poet Robert Lowell, has published articles on 20th century American poetry and drama and is at present writing a book on Lowell’s translations.

Stan Carey

Stan Carey is a freelance copy-editor and writer based in Galway. He writes a column on language for Macmillan Dictionary, and has also written for the Guardian, History Today, Merriam-Webster, and others. His love of language is informed by a background in science and music.

Christian White

Christian White misspent his twenties perusing seventeenth century essays in university Special Collections only to discover that what he thought was a doctorate was actually pre-vocational training for a life spent selling rare books and manuscripts.

Nelson Ole Reiyia

Nelson Ole Reiyia is Maasai and a social innovator. He is a driven family man and activist who is in love with his heritage and community. Nelson has united international friends and his local Maasai to build a conservancy in the Maasai Mara and  aims for self sufficiency for his people for generations to come.

James Dwyer

James Dwyer is a writer and martial arts instructor who, when not with his family, enjoys spending his time ‘reading, writing and fighting’. Co-written with his brother Brendan, James ‘ first science fiction book, Cult Fiction, won Geek Ireland’s Best New Novel in 2014. His follow-up book, Rowdy Roddy Randy (Cult Fiction: Player Two) was published by Double Dragon Press.

Madlyn Erin Smyth

Madlyn Erin Smyth is a young philosopher from West Cork, Ireland. She is a promoter of plant-based living and currently works as a researcher and assistant to several companies in Ireland.

Nicola J. Smyth

Nicola J. Smyth was born in Scotland, spent part of her youth in Germany and is a freelance writer, diarist, avid book-collector, bookdealer, reader, story-teller, food-photographer and ambassador for empathy in everyday life.

Jesenko Tesan

Jesenko Tesan – Doctoral Candidate, Department of Sociology, University College Cork, Ireland; MSc in Nationalism and Ethnicity, Comparative Politics from London School of Economics and Political Science; MPhil in International Affairs from Cambridge University

Shaun Bythell

Shaun Bythell is a second-hand bookseller in Wigtown, South West Scotland. His first book, Diary of a Bookseller, will be available in October, 2017.

Fin Keegan

Fin Keegan recently co-organised The Unplugged Soul, a conference on the podcast at Columbia University’s Pulitzer Hall. He has made two BAI-funded radio documentaries as well as a short feature for RTE Lyric FM. Previously he was a producer in the US at the NPR affiliate, KNPR. He has written a short biography of James Joyce, several performed plays, and reviews for the Irish Times and the Dublin Review of Books. His short story, “Remembering Albert”, was broadcast on the BBC World Service.

Nicholas Fox Weber

Nicholas Fox Weber runs the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, writes books and essays, and spearheads a non-profit organization he founded to assist with medical care and education in Senegal.

Des MacHale

Des MacHale is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at University College Cork. Among his interests are George Boole, Algebra, puzzles, jokes and humour,  lateral thinking, John Ford’s movie The Quiet Man, in fact almost everything except jazz, wine, and boxing.

Jean-Marc Binot

Jean-Marc Binot is a french journalist and historian. He graduated in history, political sciences and communication. He has already published nine books. The last to date (March 2017) is a biography of Georges Guynemer, the Great War’s most famous french ace.

Simon Kingston

Simon Kingston, from a Cork family, is the co-founder, with Victoria, of the West Cork History Festival. A sometime historian himself, he was Irish Government Senior Scholar at Oxford University, where he wrote his doctorate on early modern Ulster and Scotland. Today, he runs the Non-Profit Sector for Russell Reynolds Associates; he leads much of the firm’s senior work with development organisations in Africa and elsewhere. He has continued to publish occasionally on history and politics. 

Victoria Kingston

Victoria Kingston, with her husband Simon, is a co-founder of the West Cork History Festival. She studied history at Cambridge University and is now a historian and curator working for museums, galleries, historic sites and publishers in Britain and Ireland. Recent projects include Titanic Belfast, Epic Ireland in Dublin and Syria: A Conflict Explored at the Imperial War Museum in London.

John Tangney

John Tangney is a writer from Cork. He has a Ph.D in English from Duke University and previously taught at NTU, Singapore. His recent work can be found in Literary Imagination, Litteraria Pragensia, Bright Lights Film Journal, The Cortland Review and PoetryNZ.

David Puttnam

David Puttnam is a British film producer and educator. Among his many involvements in charitable organisations like Camara Education, he is also a patron of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, a charity that enables school children across the UK to perform Shakespeare in professional theatres.

Brian Lalor

Brian Lalor is one of Ireland’s most influential living artists. His timeless work stretches from printmaking in woodcut, etching and mezzotint to editing and illustrating books.

John Colthurst

John Colthurst is a consultant geologist. He was born and brought up in West Cork but now lives mostly in County Kildare. He spends some of his time in Laheratanvally, Church Cross, and his interests range across all things geological, including the slate quarrying and mining heritage of West Cork.

Michael Reinmüller

Michael Reinmüller is a working film and TV composer based in Toronto, Canada. He’s been on both sides of the studio console, first as a recording artist and then as a producer. Now as a media composer, he wears all the hats. Apart from writing and working with music and video, he also happens to have a deep love for books. Especially, old, dusty, one of a kind books. Over the years he’s amassed an extensive and fairly eclectic collection. 

Holger Smyth

Holger Smyth is an antiquarian bookdealer from Germany who is working on his West Cork slang and on populating the world again with antiquarian bookshops in remote communities. This magazine, which should endorse and unite antiquarian bookshops all over the world, is one of his oldest dreams coming true.

Marc O’Sullivan

Marc O’Sullivan is a freelance writer and curator, and serves as Artistic Director of Beara Arts Festival. He worked as Arts Editor of the Irish Examiner from 2008 to 2014. His curatorial credits include Terry O’Neill at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork in 2013 and Seán Scully: Figure/Abstract at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork in 2015.

Alfie O’Mahony

Alfie O’Mahony is a local West Cork historian and carrier of oral tradition. He has written numerous articles on forgotten personalities of irish history and literature. Alfie O’Mahony has recently published an interesting account on local irish heritage.

Niamh Prior

Niamh Prior’s poetry and fiction have been published in journals including Southword, The Penny Dreadful and The Stinging Fly. She is currently undertaking a PhD at University College Cork, funded by the Irish Research Council.

Matthew Geden

Matthew Geden was born and brought up in the Midlands of England moving to Kinsale, Co Cork, in 1990. His most recent collection of poems is The Place Inside published by Dedalus Press.

John Wronoski

John Wronoski is a specialist antiquarian bookdealer from America. He is a specialist in appraising, recording and interpreting archives for many institutions and over his career has brought attention to many nearly forgotten writers and helped to rescue their work from obscurity. He is also a gifted writer and philosophical essayist.


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