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An independent magazine for independent minds. This new, printed, XL quarterly magazine has been designed for readers, collectors, scholars, researchers all over the world. Including ideas that should have been implemented, writers that should have been heard. We will have interesting articles written by private collectors, scholars, young and seasoned readers. You will find fresh reviews of older and forgotten publications and we show unusual, high resolution images of etchings, maps, rare books and autographs as well as original manuscripts. The aim is to unite all with an interest in forgotten books and nearly forgotten writers. In each issue: Specialist booksellers as well as real bookshops in remote and urban areas all over the world are featured.

The Dream: Bookshops vs. Xenophobia

The Time Traveller’s Bookshop is now at two locations along the dramatic west coast of Ireland and our confidence is growing that we are on the right path to bring international visitors and locals alike together in the calm and relaxing environment of our shops.

After a decade of bookshops closing all over the world, our dream is to repopulate the world with bookshops in remote areas and cities alike. Antiquarian, second-hand, specialist, no matter what kind of independent bookshop…we believe these rooms are important, rather essential spaces to give everyone a choice to learn the unexpected, find books they never knew existed, learn how important diversity is and overcome the greatest threat of our times: xenophobia. If you think your area needs one of these bookshops or you want to open your own indie bookshop, talk to us.

Rare Books - Modern Thought