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Bookbindery Diller

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Bookbindery Diller, Master bookbinders since 1961.

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The company Diller is a master bookbindery deeply rooted in tradition and craftsmanship. In business in Germany for more than sixty years, Diller has stood the test and trials of time and is widely known today for its masterful restoration of historical bindings and for its creation of new, modern bindings. It also caters for those wishing to protect their valued books through its provision of a wide array of beautiful and stylish hand-crafted ‘Solander’ boxes.

To uphold the tradition in conventional but also in specialist book binding, Diller employs experienced bookbinders as well as looking to the future of its craft by facilitating the education and training of novice apprentices who will in due course become masters of the art.

The company’s capacity to combine its hand bookbindery with modern digital printing allows it to address very individualistic requirements for bindings, offer creative solutions, and focus on a high-end result that aims fully to satisfy each client.

The bookbindery also serves corporate and private clients in binding periodicals and essays, as well as in the production of small or large editions of self-published books or catalogues.

Bindings & Repairs

Please ask for a quote regarding the kind of binding that you desire, or let us advise on this. Our large selection of wonderful materials in different colours allows us to meet our clients’ high expectations with bespoke, tailor-made-solutions.

Quoting You for Restoration & Repairs

While it is usually necessary for us to have the physical book in our workshop before any final quote can be offered, the cost of our restoration work can be estimated from afar to give our clients an idea of their investment.

History of Bookbindery Diller

The bookbindery Diller is in Frankfurt am Main in Germany and has provided its specialist services internationally for over sixty years to a wide community of booklovers, libraries and universities.

Founded in 1961 by master bookbinder Arnold Diller and run in conjunction with his wife, also a master bookbinder, the workshop has been located for the past 35 years in Frankfurt/Nied.

In the early years of this century, the bookbindery added the capacity to print in-house. This allowed it to broaden its product range and to offer to its clients publishing, reprinting, and other services that earlier had to be outsourced.

The year 2015 brought a sea-change and the Dillers looked to the protection and perpetuation of the tradition of their company by handing it over to a new generation of suitably skilled persons. An opportunity to do this arose when it was agreed that Ingmar Pons, an apprentice in the company, should take on responsibility for all operations in the workshop.

In implementing this shift in management and guaranteeing continuous quality, Ingmar Pons has excelled, and he himself became a master-bookbinder in 2017. The bindery was formally handed over to Ingmar in January 2017 when Mr and Mrs Diller began a well-deserved retirement.

Today the bookbindery Diller is in the capable hands of Ingmar working with a team of three further artisans: Ms Jenny Hensel, a bookbinder with a background in restoration; Ms Kira Hausmann, a bookbinder; and Ms Franziska Pfaff, a new apprentice. Ms Pfaff’s training continues in co-operation with a specialist book-workshop in Gau-Odernheim run by Mrs Christine Merkel-Köppchen.

We are passionate about our craft, and we would earnestly love to work with you!

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