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Adolf Hitler

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Collotti, Hitler and Nazism. Collotti, Enzo. Hitler and Nazism. A Century in Focus. Gloucestershire, The Windrush Press, 1999. 13.5 cm x 19.5cm. 158 pages with illustrations. Original soft cover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Clean inside with intact binding.

Includes for example the following contents: Crisis in the Weimar Republic and the Rise of Nazism / The Establishment of the Dictatorship / Repression and Obedience / “Popular Community” and Racism / The Organization of Labour and Rearmament / War and the New European Order / Concentration Camps and Genocide / From Total War to Total Defeat etc.

″On 30 January 1933, the president of Germany appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of the Weimar Republic. Hitler’s National Socialist Party had won a majority in the general elections the year before, and Hitler’s accession to power began under the guise of legitimacy. This text examines how the rise of Nazism was rooted in the crisis in German society following the economic collapse of the late-1920s. The following years saw the establishment of Germany’s totalitarian state, the consolidation of full dictatorship between 1934 and 1938, and World War II”.(Amazon).

Keywords: Adolf Hitler, dictatorship, Nazism, racism, Socialist Party, Totalitarianism

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