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Lecky, A History of Ireland in the Eighteenth Century.

Lecky, William Edward Hartpole. A History of Ireland in the Eighteenth Century. 3 volumes. London, Longmans, Green, and Co., 1892. 18.2cm x 12 cm. Vol I: XVI, 471, 24 pages / Vol II: XII, 517, 24 pages / Vol III: XIII, 548, 24 pages. Original Hardcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Vol I includes for example the following chapters: Ireland before the Eighteenth Century / Contrast between Irish and Scotch history / The Land War / The Irish land system / The Composition of Connaught / Religious Grievances / Rebellion of 1641 / Conduct of the Lords Justices / The Revolution / Irish Parliament in 1689 / Laws against Catholics in Ireland / Commercial Legislation / Emigration of the more energetic Irishmen / Religious Legislation / Social and political effects of the confiscations / Better aspects of Irish life / Irish crime / Conflict between the Anglicans and Dissenters / Conflict between the English and Irish interests, etc.

Vol II includes for example the following chapters: The Whiteboys – origin of the movement, state of Munster, Agrarian system, The Cottiers, laws against Whiteboys, the Case of Nicholas Sheehy/ The Oakboys/ The Steelboys/ The Irish Constitution/ Money Bill of 1760/ Poyning’s Law/ Lawyers in Parliament/ Lord Trimleston and the Catholic Gentry/ Proposed Catholic regiments for Portugal/ The first Viceroyalties under George III/ Townshend made Lord Lieutenant, 1767/ Viceroyalty of Townshend/ The Octennial Bill carried/ Quarrel of Townshend with the Undertakers/ Defeat of the Augmentation Scheme/ Resignation of Ponsonby/ Division of the Revenue Boards/ Replaced by Harcourt, 1922/ Viceroyalty of Harcourt/ Reunion of the Revenue Boards/ Pension to Queen of Denmark/ Bounty on corn/ Hely Hutchinson made Provost of Trinity College/ Henry Flood, Irish style in the eighteenth century/ Relation of the American question to Irish politics/ Franklin visits Ireland/ The American Party in Ireland/ Parliament authorises the dispatch of 4,000 men to American/ Dissolution of Parliament, March 1776/ Recall of Harcourt, November 1776/ Viceroyalty of Buckinghamshire/ Lord Nugent and relaxation of the Commercial Code/ The Catholic Question/ Admission of Catholics into the army/ Bills enable Catholics to lend money on land/ Act enabling them to hold land for reclamation/ The oath and declaration of 1774/ Effects of French education/ difficulties of the religious problem in Ireland/ Opinion of leading Irishmen/ Gardiner’s Relief Bill of 1778/ Military habits of the Irish Protestants/ Rise of the Volunteers/ Vergenne’s view/ Buckingham’s opinion/ Conduct of Burgh and Flood/ Great speech of Burgh/ Demand for independence/ Francis Dobbs/ Grattan moves declaration of independence/ Yelverton’s Bill/ Bushe’s Mutiny Bill/ Irish Mutiny Act/ Recall of Buckingham/ Viceroyalty of Carlisle/ Eden/ Dispute with Portugal about Irish wool/ Flood dismissed from office/ Yelverton proposes Irish fleet/ Habeas Corpus bill carried/ disaster of Yorktown/ the Catholic Question/ Volunteer meeting at Dungannon/ Viceroyalty of Portland/ England fully grants Irish demands/ Validity of Dissenters’ marriages established/ gift of 50,000l. to Grattan/ Opinion of Burke/ Viceroyalty of Temple/ Act of Renunciation carried/ Duke of Richmond 1783/ The Knights of St. Patrick/ The Geneva Refugees/ Viceroyalty of Northington/ Grattan and Charlemont separated/ Altercation between Flood and Grattan/ Attitude of the Bishop – George Robert Fitzgerald/ Viceroyalty of Duke of Rutland/ Foster’s corn law of 1784/ Dublin riots/ Foster’s press law/ Catholic suffrage/ Government Informers – O’Leary/ Lord Kenmare/ Relations of the French to Irish sedition/ Offices held by Absentees – The Chancellor of the Exchequer/ Pitt desires Free Trade/ Fitzbibbon/ Rutland opposes Irish parliamentary reform/ Grattan and commercial treaty, taxes voted/ Dublin Police, 1786/ Whiteboy Act/ Grattan’s motions relating to tithes/ Death of Rutland, 1787/ Viceroyalty of the Marquis of Buckingham/ Financial reforms, Orde’s pension/ The Regency/ Grattan moves an address to the Prince of Wales/ Increase of corruption, Fitzgibbon made Chancellor/ Resignation of Buckingham, 1790/ Letter of Luzerne/ Secret French mission to Ireland/ Improvement of Irish finance/ Free trade/ abolition of the Penal Laws/ corn bounties/ Diminution of sectarian bigotry – O’Leary and Kirwan/ Peep of Day Boys and Defenders/ Orde’s educational scheme etc.

Vol III includes for example the following chapters: Viceroyalty of the Earl of Westmorland / Spread of the society / Growing importance of the Catholics / Session of 1793 / Defenderism / The Fitzwilliam Episode / Maynooth / Agrarian system of Ireland / Rise of Orangism / Parliamentary proceedings – Spring 1796 / Influence of foreign affairs on Ireland / Condition to Europe / Arrives at Bantry Bay / The great storm / Departure of the fleet / Conduct of the people, etc.

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Lecky, History of Ireland
Lecky, History of Ireland