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Roche Ardill, The Closing of the Irish Parliament.

Roche Ardill, John. The Closing of the Irish Parliament. Dublin/ London, Hodges, Figgis & Co./ Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1907. 18.4cm x 12.4cm. 146 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for Example: Poyings’ Law/ The Earl of Kildare/ The Cathedral of Christ Church, Dublin/ House of York/ Henry VII/ The Tower of London/ The Abolition of the ‘Second Estate’/ King Henry VIII/ The Irish Declaration of Independence/ A Declaration by King George I/ Kind Charles I/ Molyneux and Swift/ The Regency Question/ Plans for a Union/ Lord Cornwallis and Castlereagh/ Negotiations with the Roman Catholics/ Lord Lieutenant/ The Attitude of the Papacy/ The Attitude of the Orangemen/ Lord Castlereagh/ State Pay for the Roman Catholic Clergy/ An Address to John Parnell/ A Tribute to Mr. Grattan/ The First Debate of the Union/ The Thanks of the Bar to the Rt. Hon. James Fitzgerald/ The First Unionist Defeat/ An Offer of Catholic Emancipation/ Bishop Lanigan and the Roman Catholics of Kilkenny/ Lord Castlereagh’s Judicious Plan/ The Cause of the Union Advancing/ The Viceroy’s Homecoming/ The Roman Catholic Clergy of Meath/ Bishop Coyle of Raphoe/ New Ross/ Declarations from Ulster and Munster/ Protest from Leitrim/ Dublin Roman Catholics Censured/ Limerick and Longford Roman Catholics Follow the Lead of Dublin/ The ‘Freeman’s Journal’/ The Voice of Belfast/ Orange Sentiments/ The Unionists/ Mr. Francis Dobbs/ Sir John Parnell/ Charles O’Hara/ Mr. Arthur Moore, Tralee/ Mr. J.M. O’Donel (Ratoath)/ Colonel Vereker/ Anti-Unionists/ Lord Clare/ Mr. Cooke/ The Papacy Misrepresented/ Sir J.C. Hippisley to Lord Castlereagh/ London and Rome/ King George III and Catholic Emancipation/ The Cornwallis Statue/ The Reward of Iniquity/ The Effects of the Union etc.

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Roche Ardill- The Closing of the Irish Parliament
Roche Ardill- The Closing of the Irish Parliament