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[Somerville, Sylvia Warren – Her People and Their Places.

[Somerville, Sylvia Warren - Her People and Their Places.

[Somerville, Edith] Warren, Margaret Thomas. Sylvia Warren – Her People and Their Places. Dublin, Ashfield Publishing Services, 2003. 23.8cm x 17cm. 169 pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. Out-of-Print / Rare.

Includes for Example: Sylvia Warren, Bayard’s captivating aunt/ John and Margaret Warren left the village of Nayland in Suffolk, England in 1630, when Charles I was King of England/ their voyage to Massachusetts with John Winthrop in the ship “Arbella”/ childhood of Sylvia Warren/ army nurse/ Bohemia Manor at Mattapoisett/ Irish connections/ Christmas at River Bend/ 1947 – the kennels/ last years/ first American ancestors 1630, The Warrens/ James Asheton Bayard/ John Warren & Susanna Grout Warren/ Samuel Dennis Warren I/ Susan Cornelia Warren – the art collector/ Samuel Dennis Warren II/ Karlstein/ Mabel Bayard Warren/ a note on Henri Matisse/ Henry Clarke Warren/ Warren House/ Cornelia Lyman Warren/ The Maze/ Cedar Hill/ Edward Perry Warren/ History of Lewes House/ life at Lewes House/ Ned Warren – the collector/ Fiske Warren, whose sister-in-law, Mollie Osgood, married Erskine Childers/ Fiske’s daughter, Rachel, married Erskine Childer’s nephew, Robert Barton/ her friends included Edith Somerville and Gillian Lobkowic – both from Castletownshend, Co. Cork. Margaret Thomas Warren lived in Edith Somerville’s house in Castletownshend (after her death)/ the “R.M. Stories”, and “The Real Charlotte”, (considered by many to be one of the best novels of the nineteenth century) amongst others/ Sylvia and Edith were horse lovers and rode to hounds/ Edith with West Carbery and Sylvia with the Norfolk Hunt/ to win a hunt Sylvia once hunted wearing only a bathing suit/ Sylvia gave Edith money when shee needed it/ first visit to Castletownshend in 1936, renting Point House, where Edith’s brother, Admiral Boyle Somerville, had been murdered in March of that year/ she came again in 1939, renting Kate Carolan’s house/ became firm friends with her landlady and Mike Hurley, Edith Somerville’s huntsman/ became friends with Mary Ann, owner of Mary Ann’s pub (this pub celebrated its 150th birthday in 1996/ Margaret Osgood Warren/ The Sargent Portrait/ Warren genealogy/ Bayard Genealogy/

Includes photographs of: Lady Hildegarde Coghill, Dr. Edith Somerville and Sylvia Warren at the Clonakilty Horse Show, Co. Cork, August 1936/ The West Carbery Foxhounds, 1908, with Edith Somerville and Michael Hurnley, her friend/ Main Street, Castletownshend, with the Two Trees/ Simon Bonham Carter/ David Gray, Ambassador to Ireland/ Dame Ethel Smyth, another friend of Sylvia’s in Castletownhend, famous composer and infamously a lesbian/ Ediths’s sister’s dog, Porgy/ tennis, teas of cream and butter and sugary cakes, / 1939, war broke out, Bayard died in October/ 1940, the Warren Committee was formed etc.

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Sylvia Warren, Her People and Their Places.
Sylvia Warren, Her People and Their Places.