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Kroeber, Anthropology: Culture Patterns and Processes.

Kroeber, Anthropology: Culture Patterns and Processes.

Kroeber, A.L. Anthropology: Culture Patterns and Processes. New York, Burlingame, Harbinger Books, 1963. 20.3cm x 13.5cm. 252, XX pages. Original Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. Some darkening to the covers.

A selection of those chapters of Kroeber’s classic work “Anthropology” that deal specifically with matters of Culture Patterns and Processes/ What Anthropology is About/ Language/ The Nature of Culture/ Patterns/ Culture Processes/ Culture Change/ Kroeber (1876-1960), long recognized as the dean of American anthropology/ History of Anthropology/ Organic and Sociocultural Elements/ Physical Anthropology/ Evolutionary Processes/ Society and Culture/ Social Science/ Linguistic Relationship: the Speech Family/ Sound Equivvalences and Phonetic Law/ Permanence of Language and Race/ Rapidity of Linguistic Change/ Parallelism in language and culture/ What culture is/ Organic diversity, cultural hybridity/ folkways and the relativity of morals/ subcultures and part-cultures/ Nomadic, Caste, and Parasitic cultures/ Rural and Urban/ Material and non-material culture/ The idea of progress/ Purpose and need/ The Universal Pattern/ Systematic patterns/ Total-culture patterns/ Exemplifications in language/ Psychological Aspects/ The Clustering and Nature of genius/ The Meaning of Simultaneous Inventions/ Culture Processes/ Persistence/ Motor Habits/ Other Habit Chanelings/ Invention and Play/ Antecedents/ Cumulative and Complex Inventions/ Social Acceptance/ Simultaneous Inventions Again/ Cultural Los/ Disappearance of Useful Arts/ Effects of Isolation: Southampton and Easter Islands/ Displacements/ Problem of the Death of Cultures/ Types of Culture Change/ Subsistence and Population Changes/ Fasion Change/ Variable Patterns of Motivation for Animal Breeding/ Labile Social Structures/ Cultural Fatigue: Taboo in Hawaii/ Change through Organized Religion/ Resistance to Diffusion/ Marginal Cultures/ Marginal Biotas as Parallels/ Internal Marginality/ Acculturation/ Nativism, Revivals and Messiahs/ Ethnic Revivals/ Assimilation and Uniformity etc.

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Kroeber - Anthropology: Culture Patterns and Processes.
Kroeber – Anthropology: Culture Patterns and Processes.