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Boorstin, The Americans.

Boorstin, The Americans.

Boorstin, Daniel J. The Americans. Volume I: The Democratic Experience Volume II: The National Experience Volume III: The Colonial Experience. Three Volumes (complete). New York, Vintage Books, 1973. 20.3cm x 12.8cm. XIV,717, V, 517,VII, 434 pages. Original, illustrated Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear.

Includes for Example:
Book One, The Democratic Experience: Lawless Sheriffs and Honest Desperados/ Rounding up Rock Oil/ Exploiting the Federal Commodity, Divorce and Gambling/ Crime as a Service Institution/ Democracy of Clothing/ How Farmers Joined Consumption Communities/ Citifying the Country/ Freedom for Advertisers/ The Incorruptible Cashier/ The Rediscovery of Poverty/ Income Consciousness/ Statistic Morality/ An American Diaspora/ Politics for City Immigrants/ Time Becomes Fungible: Packaging the Unit of Work/ Endless Streams of Ownership/ New Penumbras of Property/ Packing to Packaging: The New Strategy of Desire/ Delcine of Grammar/ The Colloquial Conquers the Classroom/ From Oratory to Public Speaking/ The Exotic Becomes Commonplace/ The Social Inventor: Inventing for the Market/ Solutions in Search of Problems/ Book Two, The Nationalist Experience: New Englanders/ Organizing the American Factory/ Common-Law Way of thinking/ Community before Government/ Natural Law of Transient Communities, Claim Clubs and Priority Rule/ Vigilantism and Majority Rule/ The Businessmen as an American Institution/ The Booster Press/ Competitive Communities/ Southerners, White and Black/ How the Planter lost his versatility/ The Negroes’ Churches/ How Southern Men became Honor-bound/ Metaphysical Politics/ Settlement before Discovery/ Goernment as a Service Institution/ American Ways of Talking/ An Ungoverned Vocabulary/ A Declamatory Literature/ Search for Symbols/ Heroes of Clowns? Comic Supermen from a Subliterature/ The Mythologizing of George Washington/ How Local Patriotism made National Heroes/ From Sovereignty to Federalism/ Consitutions of the United States/ Unionist Ways from a Secessionist Tradition/ Book Three: The Colonial Experience: The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay/ How Orthodoxy made the Puritans practical/ The Sermon as an American Institution/ Puritan Conservatism/ The Quakers of Pennsylvania/ The Quest for Martyrdom/ The Oat/ Pacifism/ How Quakers misjudged the Indians/ The Altruism of an Unheroic Age/ London Blueprint for George Utopia/ The Virginians/ English Gentlemen, American Style/ “Practical Godliness”, an Episcopal Church without Bishops/ Citizens of Virginia/ The Natural-History Emphasis/ Knowledge comes Naturally/ The Community enters the University/ Fluidity of Professions/ The Unspecialized Lawyer/ Fusion of Law and Politics/ New World Medicine/ Nature-healing and Simple Remedies/ The General Practitioner/ Language and the Printed Word/ An American Accent/ Culture by the book: The Spelling Fetish/ Boston’s “Devout and Useful Books”/ The Way of the Marketplace – Philadelphia/ Poetry without Poets/ Conservative Press/ The Decline of the Book/ The Rise of the Newspaper/ Why Colonial Printed Matter was Conservative/ “The Publick Printer” etc.

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Boorstin - The Americans.
Boorstin – The Americans.