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Baldacchino, Spirituality in Illness and Care.

Baldacchino, Spirituality in Illness and Care.

Baldacchino, Donia. Spirituality in Illness and Care. ‘X’jaf min ma garrabx!” Spiritual care: The views of patients, nurses, students and chaplains of Malta and Gozo. Malta, Preca Library, 2003. 21cm x 15cm. XVII, 226. Original, illustrated Softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of wear. Inscribed and signed by the author. Rare !

Signed by Dr. Donia Baldacchino, Ph.D. (Hull). M.Sc. (Lond), B.Sc. (Hons), Cert. Ed. (Lond), R.G.N. is a lecturer in nursing and coordinator of nursing research at the Institute of Health Care, University of Malta. Registered as a staff nurse in Malta and the U.K. Specialised in renal nursing at Charing Cross Hospital, London in 1980. Graduated at the University of Malta (B.Sc. Hons) in 1992 and at King’s College University of London, U.K. (M.Sc.) in 1993 where she researched Organisation of nursing and patient participation in care in a London teaching hospital. Graduated at the University of Hull, Yorkshire (Ph.D) in 2002 where she conducted a longitudinal study on Spiritual coping strategies, anxiety, depression and spiritual well being of Maltese patients with myocardial infarction/ Research methodology/ Definition of the term ‘spirituality’/ impact of myocardial infarction on patients’ life – findings and discussion, anxiety and depression, impact of illness on life, seeing the positive side of situation, threat of impending death, seaching for meaning and purpose in life, awareness of need to modify lifestyle, reflection/ spiritual distress during hospitalisation/ meaning of illness/ guilt feelings/ loneliness/ impaired relationship with God/ fear of death: the use of prayer/ life satisfaction estimated during illness/ patient education: a source of empowerment and achievement of life goals/ case studies: spiritual care: meeting patients’ spiritual needs/ knowledge testing exercises: spiritual care and well-being/ implications to clinical practice/ recommendations/ strengths and limitations/ outcomes/ reading.

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Donia Baldacchino - Spirituality in Illness and Care.
Donia Baldacchino – Spirituality in Illness and Care.